Penguin Awareness Day

Friday the 20th was Penguin awareness day. Wonderful, adorable creatures that deserve to be celebrated and protected.While there are very few mainland penguin sites in the world, In Cape Town we have beautiful locations where they can be observed and you can even swim with them – if they let you.

Seaforth beach is just down the road from the popular Boulders beach. Both places you can view the African penguin, but if Boulders gets to busy, take a turn at Seaforth beach.

  • African Penguins have brilliant underwater vision, but on land they are nearsighted.
  • Almost exclusively, all species live in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica
  • All Penguins mate for life with 1 partner
  • Penguins may seem peculiar to Africa , but they have been here longer than humans
  • Climate change is having a really devastating effect on Penguins and other endangered animals

African Penguins Cape Town

African Penguins Cape Town

Penguins at Boulders beach