It has been 10 days since Fires left thousands homeless in Hout Bay, Cape Town at the Imizamo Yethu Informal Settlement.  And while life is carrying on for some, it is not the same unfortunately for the majority of the people of this settlement.

I am a Tour Guide that is extending my help in the best way I know how, through social media.  This is my home-town and I love it dearly and that includes everyone living in it.  If you are reading this and have visited our shores before and would like in some way to give back to the City that gave you an unforgettable experience, please read on and donate.  If that is not you and you are still reading this, then irrespective if you are going to come to Cape Town or not and you want to help, please read on and donate.

These people are still struggling and every cent that anyone can donate will go a long way to helping.

Some background on the Thula Thula organisation that is running operations on the ground for relief efforts:

Thula Thula are a group of Hout Bay residents who have been helping the local community for over 46 years.  Their mission is to pro-actively prepare to assist displaced residents during disasters like the one that occurred recently.  This disaster however was so immense and tremendous that the destruction caused is stretching the limited resources of the Thula Thula organisation.

Please take a moment to look at these devastating pictures and just think if it was you.


Thula Thula NPC

Bank: FNB, Hout Bay
Account no: 62589383836
Branch code: 204009

Hout Bay Fires

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Thank you Justin Sullivan of Sullivan Photography for permission to use your images.

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