Cape Point and South Peninsula

I had the privilege of meeting Mary last month on her first visit to Africa while she was on an overseas University study program. The future Doctor had decided to take the opportunity to explore the deep south peninsula and Cape Point instead of taking a day off after a very demanding work and travel schedule. I have to admire people like that because mustering the energy can sometimes be too much for most of us at the best of times!

I picked Mary up at her accommodation in Camps Bay at 9:30 AM and we headed off to Hout Bay. We arrived and were lucky to get on-board a charter almost immediately as it was leaving for Duiker Island. The seas were calm … ish considering that just around the corner in Table bay , the cape South Easterly wind was announcing itself. Mary had spent alot of time in the Bahamas catching ferry’s so I need not have worried, because this lady had earned her sea legs already. We embarked on the Hour long cruise getting to know each other and I was telling her a little bit about  South Africa. As we approached Duiker Island ( The island that the Cape Fur Seals call home) I warned Mary to brace herself for the smell, but the crisp wind seemed to take the pungent Seal scent out of the air. With many tourists on board and a full Ship, we were still guaranteed of getting a good view as the Captain swings the ship a full 360 degrees around so that everyone can get a good look see.

Cape Point South Peninsula Duiker Island

We made our way back and after disembarking, but by this point Mary was in trouble ….. she needed CAFFEINE and she needed it soon! We  grabbed a coffee and off we went to our next stop, Cape Point, the most Southern point on the Cape Peninsula.

With a good long drive ahead of us and some challenging terrain to walk, it was time for lunch. I took Mary to the Cape Farmhouse. Situated in the heart of the deep south, this laid back restaurant with its rustic charms and delicious home made food was the perfect stop. We enjoyed an array of starters from locally sourced mussels to fish samoosa’s and delicate calamari … and some more caffeine!

Next stop Cape Point!

The drive from the entrance to the Cape Point lighthouse is a good 30 minutes of driving through unspoiled nature. We saw a few of the locals lying around and taking in some sun ….

Cape Point Nature Reserve

We reached the parking bay of the lighthouse and proceeded to take the funicular uto p to the top. I mentioned earlier that the wind was crisp, we were now higher than before and the wind was crisper and now slightly more stronger too! That didnt stop us and off to the top of the point we journeyed. Its at this point where I cannot write anything to describe the views. All you can do is take a look at the photos or come see it for yourself.

Cape Point LighthouseCape Point Nature ReserveCape Point Nature Reserve

With beautiful panoramic views, we headed back down and went on some exploring through the reserve in search of the ever elusive Cape Point Zebra…………………………. We didn’t spot them!

Cape Point Exploring

Our second last stop was to see the African Penguins in Simonstown. Mary and I stopped off at the Viewing point where we entered and viewed the colony of Penguins from the decks. We walked from there across to Boulders beach where people are not inhibited by barricades and can walk among the  Penguins freely … If the Penguins allow you to! The Penguins must be so used to us humans staring and gawking at them , that I think they have learnt to pose for the camera professionally!

Boulders Beach penguins

Alas all good things must come to an end and off we were back to Camps Bay, but not before stopping off on Chapmans Peak for a sunset view over the bay in which we had early cruised on. Add in a glass of sparkling wine from a local producer and a beautiful end to the day.

Thank you Mary, as I said in the opening paragraph, a privilege to have met you, I hope to see you on our beautiful shores again soon and I wish you all the best with your studies and I know that you will excel in which ever direction you decide to go, whether it be Medicine or Business, You will Rockas it!